Business Law


Assisting Local Start-Up and Small Businesses With Incorporation and Day-to-Day Corporate Matters

The Vetstein Law Group assists its clients in selecting the appropriate entity for its business and organizational needs, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership, or nonprofit. We also assist our business clients with trademark and copyright applications, licensing agreements, and general contract matters. We cater to the small business owners who drive our economy. Our approach takes into account current operations, tax implications, and asset and liability protection in crafting the structure best suited to a particular venture. Drawing on our attorneys’ own business and marketing backgrounds, we also consider and advise on the myriad issues that may positively or negatively impact the business as well as exit strategies to prevent hurdles to growth and maximize realization of the value of the enterprise. We urge our clients to anticipate and plan for the future by fully discussing the relationships between owners, partners, family members and key employees and by dealing with the practical realities of these relationships. This strategy ensures a smooth transition of the company upon death, disability or retirement, prevents discord, and helps secure the success of the business into future generations.

Some of our valued corporate clients include: