Practice Areas


Edward Brooke Courthouse, Boston, MA

We focus on 3 primary Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Civil Litigation

Real Estate Law

We represent buyers, sellers, banks, and mortgage companies in all aspects of residential real estate transactions, including purchases, refinancing, leasing, and construction.  Our transactions include single family homes, second homes, condominiums, multi-family homes, mixed use properties and investment properties and range from less than $100,000.00 to Million plus dollar transactions.  We also appear before local town boards, zoning boards of appeal (ZBA), planning boards, and other local agencies to obtain special permits, variances and other permits and licenses for businesses and real estate projects.  Our attorneys were zoning board members themselves so we can offer unique insight into the permitting process.  We also litigate zoning and permit appeals to the Superior Court and beyond on behalf of applicants and abutters alike. Lastly, we have experience with wetlands and environmental matters before local conservation commissions and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Our real estate practice also includes:

Condominium Law

Construction Law

Real Estate Litigation

Business Law

The Vetstein Law Group assists its clients in selecting the appropriate entity for its business and organizational needs, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership, or nonprofit. Our approach takes into account current operations, tax implications, and asset and liability protection in crafting the structure best suited to a particular venture. Drawing on our attorneys’ own business and marketing backgrounds, we also consider and advise on the myriad issues that may positively or negatively impact the business as well as exit strategies to prevent hurdles to growth and maximize realization of the value of the enterprise. We urge our clients to anticipate and plan for the future by fully discussing the relationships between owners, partners, family members and key employees and by dealing with the practical realities of these relationships. This strategy ensures a smooth transition of the company upon death, disability or retirement, prevents discord, and helps secure the success of the business into future generations.

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Litigation: Real Estate, Business, Employment, Personal Injury, And Appellate Litigation

Civil litigation today is often driven by the need to aggressively pursue or defend the client’s rights, counter-balanced with the need to keep litigation fees and costs in check. Our clients come to us because we know how to maintain that balance. With our competitive rate structure, we can deliver top notch quality work without allowing the cost of litigation to run out of control.

At the outset of litigation, we draw up a litigation plan and budget, and use client-driven analyses on all aspects of a case to allow the client to better manage and resolve pending litigation, or perhaps avoid litigation altogether. On the offensive, we often pursue liens and attachments against real estate and bank accounts to secure the necessary leverage to force a favorable disposition at early stages of the litigation.  On the defensive, we often utilize careful discovery and depositions along with pre-trial summary judgment procedures to dismiss meritless claims or the entire lawsuit altogether before trial. Of course, if the case is headed to trial, rest assured we are ready, willing and able to try the case to judgment. With only about 2% of all civil cases going through a trial, however, we do recognize that not every case should be tried, and in those case, we have achieved great results in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

We also have significant experience and success handling appeals. Through the entire case, we are constantly evaluating the risks and benefits involved, as well as keeping a steady line of communication open between the lawyer and client. By keeping our clients timely advised on the status of their case, they are better able to achieve sound business or personal objectives.

We specialize in the following areas of Litigation: